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Woman Says She Felt Like She Sold Her Soul to Meth While on the Drug

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Kylee Johnson talks about meth as if it's a devil or demon.

"I feel like I sold my soul to it...," said Johnson. "I mean, it demanded everything from me. It demanded me and commanded me, like against all my morals, and I was just desperate for that next fix."

Kylee has been struggling with addiction for the last nine years. For five of those years, she was on and off of meth.

"It started off when I was about age 15," said Kylee. "I started drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and as time progressed, I started reaching out to all the wrong people. By age 19, I started methamphetamine."

Kylee says she never thought she would end up doing meth.

"I`ve seen all the interventions, all the shows on TV," said Kylee. "And, I used to watch with my mom actually, you know, and my mom would just cry and she would say oh those poor parents, that poor family of what they have to go through and I just, you know, back then I thought yeah, that will never be me..."

But that became her, and Kylee's mother would experience the same heartache that she had seen on TV.

"My mom was really sick with stage four colon cancer," said Kylee. "And, she did everything she could to get me to come home to spend the last year with her and I refused. I chose to stay on the streets, to keep getting high."

That lifestyle led to crime.

"The way that I was able to get high was by stealing," said Kylee. "So, for me that was my way of life, you know, it was a really bad cycle. And, I`ve been in and out of jail multiple times."

Kylee credits God and the House of Mercy treatment facility with saving her life.

"I would tell people that are still struggling with any substance abuse, but meth especially, you know, you`re never too far gone to get help, you know? Reach out, the first step is always the hardest step, but you have to do just gotta take that first step."

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