Peace Tree Brews Up Funds for California Fire Victims

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Peace Tree Brewing Company is joining other breweries from across the country in brewing a beer to raise money for victims of the California Camp Fire.

575 pounds of barley and 25 pounds of hops go into the tank to make about 240 gallons of the Resilience IPA.

Peace Tree Head Brewer Joe Kesteloot said the proceeds from the sales of this beer will go to a fund for victims.

“I do have a few friends out in California I know quite a few brewers that live out there and brew out there and you know it’s hard to see them get affected by a situation like this so I think everybody is willing to jump in,” Kesteloot said.

Twenty-eight Iowa breweries and about 800 others across the country are all brewing the same recipe from Sierra Nevada to contribute to the fundraiser the company set up.

“I think it reunites us even more by everybody doing the same exact thing I think it’s really unique and plus it’ll be kind of interesting to go around and sample everybody else's beer. It may not be exactly the same we have different water. So if another brewery in Des Moines has it it may be a little bit different,” Kesteloot said.

Kesteloot said this project is a team effort; not only the team of brewers all across the country, but right here in Iowa too.

“Everybody in the brewing industry has a great heart. They love what they do and even today I didn’t have enough hops to do this and I contacted Confluence, John Martin and he was nice enough to give us some hops to finish this beer today,” Kesteloot said.

Kesteloot said he’s happy to help the victims in a unique way by doing something he loves.

“It makes me happy to do it because it makes everybody else in brewery happy to do it. And to see everybody else, the look on their face to know that we are helping is really great. And I know the customers coming in will feel the same way,” Kesteloot said.

The Resilience IPA will be available at all Peace Tree locations in about 21 days.

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