Puppy Jake Foundation Inspired by Bush Family Patriotism

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URBANDALE, Iowa-- The Puppy Jake Foundation is a nonprofit that trains service dogs for veterans.

Becky Beach founded the organization. She worked with President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush and says the first family inspired her philanthropy.

“Animals grieve, they do experience emotions like ours," Carri Marshall with The Puppy Jake Foundation said.

Along with having similar human emotions, Marshall said service dogs are among the most loyal companions.

“To an extent it shows the bond the dog has with their handlers and their owners," Marshall said.

Bush's service dog Sully was trained to help Bush pick up dropped items and get help in the event of an emergency.

That's exactly what The Puppy Jake Foundation is training Bucky to do.

“We do something called bracing were the dog will hold still and actually help the veterans who are on the floor and need help getting up," Marshall said.

That maneuver is one Iowa Army veteran David Iseminger said will change his life.

“I have a back injury and bad knees, so it will also help with bracing when I go to get up and picking stuff up that I drop," Iseminger said.

He suffers from PTSD, and a traumatic brain injury.

“My dog will be for calming so that I can go out in public," Iseminger said.

Beach was unavailable for an on-camera interview because she's en route to Huston for Bush's funeral.

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