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Ames Paramedic Trying to Help Migrants Return Home to Honduras

AMES, Iowa -- Mark Sinnwell sees the common humanity he shares with the migrants that are part of the Honduran caravan.

"We see it as humanitarian crisis," said Sinnwell. "We've helped with a lot of natural disasters in the past and we`re viewing this just like that again."

For Sinnwell, a 22 year-old paramedic at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, this isn't about immigration or politics; it's about helping people.

"We don't really care about the political affiliations or why this happened," said Sinnwell. "It's just that it is happening and there's people stranded, and we`re in a position that we can go and help them."

To be clear, Sinnwell says the goal is not to help migrants enter America illegally, but rather to bring them back to Honduras, and reunite them with their families.

"We`re funding buses to go up through Guatemala and Mexico," said Sinnwell. "And, we`re offering women and children first, a way to get back to Honduras, a way to get back to their home country, to their families."

The most vulnerable migrants will be the first to receive help.

"We`ll be triaging people," said Sinnwell. "So that the elderly people who are...handicapped, things like that would definitely take priority, people that are stranded there, because they don't have a way to get back right now."

To find out more about the charity that is doing this work, click here.

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