Insiders December 9, 2018: Michael Bloomberg Visits Iowa and Ken Quinn Looks Back at George H.W. Bush’s Time in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa — Michael Bloomberg, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, made a visit to Iowa. Iowa Democratic State Senator Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids spent time with Bloomberg on the visit. Hogg is an environmentalist who shares Bloomberg’s serious concerns about the human impact causing climate change. Dave Price asks Hogg about Bloomberg’s position on ethanol.

Insiders goes back in time to remember George H.W. Bush's time in Iowa and the time he stood with revered Governor Bob Ray. Bush later shocked former Iowa resident Ronald Reagan in the race for president.

Iowan and former U.S. ambassador Ken Quinn knew George H.W. Bush well. He joins Insiders to discuss the personal time he spent with Bush. Quinn explains why he considers Bush to be the most qualified presidential candidate ever.

Insiders has a roundup of this week's political moments from around Iowa with news about Bloomberg, Joni Ernst, Tom Vilsack and Jo Oldson.

Ken Quinn is back for Insider's Quick 6.


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