Des Moines International Airport Sees Continued Growth in Number of Travelers

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Des Moines International Airport saw a big bump in November passengers from the previous year, and the overall numbers year-to-year are showing a large increase as well -- leading to some growing pains for travelers.

Long lines and even longer waiting times are a new experience at Des Moines International Airport for travelers like Gina Brown.

“Yes, I see more lines and stuff, a lot more people traveling, we made sure to get our tickets early," Brown said.

Airport officials says more people traveling is a trend.

New numbers show 26,000 more people flew this November than last year. That`s about a 12 percent increase.

“It`s a holiday season so always a lot of people traveling during that time,” traveler Curtis Stutzman said.

The uptick isn't just due to holiday travel. To date 169,000 more passengers have flown out of the Des Moines International Airport than last year.

An economy professor at Drake University attributes the increase, in part, to Iowa`s record low unemployment rate.

Across the board all seven carriers at the airport are seeing more passengers.

The airport hopes to complete the airport expansion by 2028.

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