Local Union Collects Holiday Baskets for Families

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A local union is trying to make sure their members all have holiday treats around the table.

South Central Community Services is putting together 300 large holiday baskets for families and union members in south central Iowa. They say many of those receiving the baskets wouldn't be able to afford a holiday meal otherwise. The baskets include canned fruits, vegetables, cereals, pastas and personal care items. Local unions and union members donated to the cause. The program has given out over 6,500 baskets since 2000 and provided over 120,000 meals for south central Iowans.

“This year we have a request from a Siemens plant in Burlington, Iowa, that's going to be closing next week, and we're taking a little over 50 food baskets down to Burlington today to help with those folks,” said Mark Cooper, president of South Central Iowa Federation of Labor.

The union also partners with Hy-Vee to buy the food at a discounted price.

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