Parole Denied for Habitually Violent Abuser of Women

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A man convicted of violently attacking women was denied parole Wednesday.

Thirty-eight-year-old Scott Parks has served five years of a 15-year sentence for brutally beating a Des Moines woman in 2012.

Wednesday morning, Parks appeared via video conference at his parole hearing. The victim in the case, Jill Saunders, was offered the chance to speak after the board heard Parks’ responses to their questions.

An emotional Saunders said, “I am so angry right now at the answers he has spit up. He is not rehabilitated, he has not learned a lesson. He can’t say my name, he can’t talk about the things he did to me. All he can do is blame the alcohol and one night. You are a liar Scotty Parks, you are a decimator of lives. You haven’t learned s---.”

Saunders also spoke about abuse previous to the event Parks was convicted for, talking about an incident where Parks allegedly held her in a chokehold for 30 minutes and prevented her from going inside her home -- where her daughter was sleeping at the time.

"I was terrified of you. You threatened everything. You threatened my daughter’s life to me. You had her in some  hypnotical state of thinking you were a good guy. You liar. You’re a sick liar," said Saunders.

Parks will serve out the remaining term of his sentence, with time off for good behavior. He is scheduled to be released July 22nd, 2019.

Before this sentence, Parks served 10 months of a two and half-year sentence for attacking Tiffany Allison in 2009.

Allison says she is still healing from this attack in many ways and thinking he could be released early takes a toll.

“He took me hostage in my home. He beat me for four and a half hours using his hands knees and feet he hit me with a wrought iron cross," Allison said.

She started the advocacy group Soaring Hearts with the goal is to pass the Habitual Offender Bill and help others who have similar experiences.

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