Macksburg Man Spending Christmas in Hospital Recovering From Hunting Accident

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Macksburg man is spending his Christmas in a hospital room surrounded by friends and family, after he accidentally shot himself while on a hunting trip. The experienced outdoorsman said a simple mistake almost cost him his life.

“All I had to do was barely drop it an inch and half, two inches and it went off and did all this. Went up through here [and] busted my wrist all up,” Ronald W. Butler said.

A 10 millimeter piece of bullet shot through his chest into his heart, after he dropped his loaded and primed muzzle-loader rifle while on a hunting trip with his young son back on Dec. 9.

He has spent the last few weeks in the hospital. The Butlers say they are making the best out of their Christmas, just thankful they can all be together.

“I'm really thankful I'm here. Here with my family is better than pushing up daisies, you know, and we've camped out in places smaller than this. So as long as we're all together we can have a good Christmas,” Butler said.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for him to try and help cover expenses while he is unable to work. He says he is so grateful for everyone in the community who already lent a helping hand.

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