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ISU Fans Heading to Alamo Bowl Pack Des Moines Airport

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A horde of confident Iowa State Fans packed the Des Moines International Airport on Wednesday, waiting to catch one of the several charter flights to San Antonio for Friday's Alamo Bowl; but is San Antonio ready for Cyclone nation to take over?

“No. no way!” said Howard Hill of Cambridge.

The hundreds of travelers in the airport are expected to become thousands when they get to Texas. ISU Athletic Director Jamie Pollard expects there to be 25,000 fans in the city for the game.

“I think it's a testament to the die-hard and the loyalty to the university and we're all just here to have fun and enjoy the success” said Marshall Mease of Johnston.

The powers that be must have known the ISU fans were ready for a good time, past the TSA checkpoint a Busch Light stand had been set up for flyers finding themselves a little thirsty after getting through security.

While lines were long, fans say they weren't stressed, and it didn't feel like a normal trip to the airport.

“This is a little different, in fact we all have something in common so we're all just talking amongst ourselves about how excited we all are so it takes some of the stress away” said Mease.

But for Mease and the rest of the Cyclone faithful, the real excitement will start once the plane touches down.

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