Thieves Steal from Kids in Dayton

DAYTON, Iowa -- Stealing money from kids during Christmas Time is pretty low, but that's exactly what a couple of grinches did in the small Iowa town of Dayton. The theft was captured on camera.

It happened at the Dayton Car Wash a little before four o'clock in the morning on the day after Christmas. Items were taken from the Little Jaguars Booster Club's collection bin. The club collects cans all year round, and then redeems the cans for money to fund field trips, sports equipment, school supplies and after-prom events, and many other things.

"I would estimate probably less than $200," said Chief Nicholas Dunbar. "It's not the biggest theft. The disappointing fact is that they were taking the cans and stealing money from children essentially."

Chief Dunbar calls it a crime of opportunity, because it happened early in the morning when there were not a lot of people around to see it.

"There's not a lot of vehicle traffic, not a lot of pedestrian traffic," said Dunbar. "There`s just not a lot of people out. So, you could see in the video they clearly got out of the vehicle when they exited the car wash and looked around, made sure that nobody was there watching. I don't think they seen the security video system there though."

Anyone with any information about this theft is asked to contact the Dayton Police Department at 515-573-2323.

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