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Census of Agriculture Aims for New Information

The National Agriculture Statistics Service wrapped up its Census of Agriculture collection this year and plans to have the report out on February 21, 2019. It looks to find changes and trends in American farming. This year it will include information on military service, food marketing practices, and on-farm decision making.

Donald Buysse with the Census says they are also trying to better understand how farms are passed onto the next generation, "The Census of Agriculture has historically shown that that keeps increasing. And there's some concerns that it's an aging population for a lot of agriculture products that we produce. And so, the Census this time around, aim to collect a little bit more information about other people that are involved in the operation."

The USDA says it was the largest federal agricultural data collection in the United States, about 2.1 million farms responded. More than 20 percent of responses were online at 445,000, a 57 percent increase from the last report in 2012.

There are more than three million potential farms and ranches across the country.