Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer Addresses Government Shutdown During Marshalltown Visit

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer is back in Iowa after spending her first week in Washington, D.C., and she says right away, she got to work.

After being sworn in, Finkenauer voted in Congress to try and get the government reopened because she wants the over 17,000 federal employees in Iowa to start getting paid again. She claims it is the Senate who is refusing to acknowledge it.

Today, the TSA is reporting double the amount of absences nationally, compared to last year's rate.

Finkenauer says she will continue to fight to get the government reopened.

“We're there. We will continue to go back this week, continue to get to work, and I implore the Senate and the president to make sure that we are again doing our job by the American people opening up the government and making sure again we can have the conversations we need to have to move the country forward,” said Finkenauer.

“I’m not giving up hope that we can get this done, and I again implore the administration and the Senate to get to work and do their job as well,” said Finkenauer.

Finkenauer also spent the afternoon touring Marshalltown to examine the recovery efforts from last summer's tornado.

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