Pleasant Hill Police Warn of Phone Scam ‘Spoofing’ Police Phone Line

PLEASANT HILL, Iowa — The Pleasant Hill Police Department warns of a phone scam that is affecting Pleasant Hill residents.

According to police, scammers have been calling Pleasant Hill citizens with a phone number that appears on caller ID to be associated with the Pleasant Hill Police Department. The scammer will tell the victim that police have a warrant for their arrest, and they need to pay them in order to avoid arrest. The scammers will offer a variety of payment options.

Pleasant Hill police say they do not ever call people to collect money for any reason, especially from those wanted for a crime.

Police say these phone numbers that falsely appear to be from the Pleasant Hill Police Department are being falsified through app based technology.

Police advise hanging up immediately and calling the non-emergency police number if you receive one of the scam phone calls. Do not follow any instructions received from the caller. They advise not responding to any questions or providing any information over the phone unless you know who you are dealing with.

If you receive any calls like this or have any doubts about a call you have received, you can call the Pleasant Hill Police Department’s non-emergency number at 515-265-1444.

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