Stylish Tips to Tidy Your Junk Drawer

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  By now, most people have seen the Netflix show “Tidying Up” and are inspired to get organized. But sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

NEAT Method, a professional organizing business in Des Moines, has some tips to keep the smallest and messiest spots in your house neat and tidy.

The junk drawer, “It’s a prime real estate drawer, you’re in it every day, it’s your go-to drawer,” NEAT Method Franchise Owner Sophie Gillotti said.

Pens, cords, gum, keys, lighters and tools all tend to find a place in this drawer.

To organize the junk drawer, NEAT Method team members take everything out and categorize it. They clean out the drawer and put the items back, still in their categories.

“Kind of stage everything where things are going to live,” Gillotti said. “I often put coupons by keys because if you get in your car, hopefully you’ll remember your coupon if that’s where you’re going.”

In order to buy the right sized containers for inside the drawer, measure out the items and take a picture of the drawer.

“So when I get to the container store, I know how long each object is and I can just base it kind of off of this,” Gillotti said.

Gillotti also uses clear Museum putty on the bottom of the containers to keep them from sliding around in the drawers.

NEAT Method starts with a $55 consultation and $65 an hour, per organizer fee. Plus, you have to purchase all of the organizing products. However, it is a completely hands-off service, the company will do all of the decluttering, cleaning, and organizing for you.

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