Residents Scrambling To Fix Snow Blower Ahead Of Winter Storm

CLIVE, Iowa  --  Last weekend Central Iowans got a reminder of what winter weather is like ... and whether or not they are ready for it.  They'll get another chance to test their preparedness this weekend.

“I am really excited about it, I love storms," Clive resident Chris Andersen said.  What he's not excited about is fixing his snow blower.

Andersen and more than 50 other owners are scrambling to get their blowers fixed at Clive Power Equipment before more snow falls.

“There is going to be a lot of wind sounds like six inches of snow will fall, it’s going to be a good storm," Andersen said.

“We are getting a little shorter as far as being able to say hey if you did get drop it off, we can get it back to you before the snow we are starting to run out of that time," Clive Power Equipment owner Mike Duncan said.

Duncan says the most common problem relates to fuel sitting in the blower over summer.

Anderson hopes he isn't among the unlucky few who don't get their blower back in time to remove all the fresh snow.

He says one of the biggest mistakes snow blower owners make is using gas with ethanol.  He says use ethanol-free gas or you could ruin your carburetor.  The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute says that fuel with up to 10% ethanol is safe for smaller engines.

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