Ernst Divorce Documents Detail Allegations of Abuse and Affairs

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Sen. Joni Ernst and her now ex-husband Gail are lobbing serious accusations at each other in divorce documents recently made public.

The court filings detail a marriage becoming more and more toxic as the years go on. In her affidavit, Sen. Ernst says it became physically violent.

While Sen. Ernst was working as a county auditor, sometime between 2005 and 2011, she says she got into an argument with her then-husband Gail. In the affidavit she says Gail began “hanging out at the babysitters house even when their daughter wasn't there."

According to the documents:

 "I confronted him about the situation and we went through a very dark and troubling time in our marriage. I very nearly filed for divorce after a night that we argued and it became physical.”

Ernst goes on say the next day at work she met with her victim's advocate:

"She did a quick exam of my throat and head and wanted to take me to the hospital. I declined because I was embarrassed and humiliated, and didn't want anyone to know about the assault."

In the affidavit Sen. Ernst said she declined President Donald Trump’s offer to make her his vice president in 2016 because "It wasn't the right thing for me or my family."

Ex-husband Gail denies having any extramarital affairs in his response affidavit but does not respond to the assault claims. He does, however, make allegations of his own:

“Joni had a sexual affair with one of her own soldiers while deployed from ‘03-‘04. I caught her secretly emailing him from our home after the deployment."

Had those particular allegations been reported and founded, Ernst, serving overseas as a captain at the time, could have faced punishment up to a court-martial.

Multiple attempts to seek comment by both party's lawyers, as well as Sen. Ernst's press team, have gone unanswered at this time.

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