Iowa Duo Plows Out Entire Town During Winter Storms

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CAMBRIDGE, Iowa -- Snow plows are an all too familiar sight and the folks in Cambridge Iowa, a town of under nine-hundred residents, understand making their roads passable must take an army.  Probably about a dozen," guessed Tom Sorteberg, who has lived in Cambridge for three years.  The responsibility is shouldered by just two.  Public Works Director Dale Hennick and city employee Don Erickson. “It’s my job but I gotta live here too so I want things looking nice," said Hennick.  Don added, "It’s a good feeling to help out.  To know you are aiding people through the day.”

The two are lifelong Cambridge residents who are willing to take on the long hours of winters wrath head-on for the community.  Dale said, We went in from 7:00 am-3:30pm.  Then we came back at 8:30pm until two in the morning and then came back at 6 am."  Being cold and tired is an understatement but Don doesn't mind. "I don't sleep anyway," he said with a laugh.

It has not gone unnoticed.  "Every day, every year they do this all night.  It’s pretty amazing.  We appreciate them both very much," said Rhiannon Tyler.

Not only do the two clear a path through snow and ice but they also run into the flames as volunteer firefighters with the Cambridge-Union Township Fire Department.  "Just another thing to help out the community.  Just to help people out," said Don.

The fire alarm played zero favorites and summoned them hours after plowing out their community.  Dale said, “We mutual aided the neighboring town to help with a semi-fire on the interstate.”  The semi-trailer fire was in Nevada, Iowa.

When the snow melts there’s always another task for this tag team.  "In this town there’s water, sewer, streets.  We are the dog catcher, we’re the mosquito guys, we have mowing, we have it all," Dale said.  Proving Not all superheroes wear capes.  "They are super heroes," Taylor said.  Sorteberg added,  "It's an incredible feat and I cannot believe that only two people do it.”

Cambridge received six to eight inches of snow during the storm Tuesday.

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