People Needed: Message From Iowa Business Leaders

DES MOINES, Iowa — Leaders with some of Iowa’s biggest companies put out an annual report Monday with the good and bad of what is happening in the state in comparison to other states. “Iowa’s Competitive Dashboard” looks at a variety of factors.

The good: Iowans who are able to work seem willing to work, high school students do exceptionally well on the ACT, the state is one of the best run in the U.S. and nearly all Iowans have health insurance.

The bad: Iowa is an overwhelmingly white state lacking in ethnic diversity, its citizens are far too heavy and corporate tax and individual tax rates are much too high.

The bottom line is that Iowa needs more highly-skilled workers, residents need to have more babies and the state needs more out-of-state recruits and immigrants.

"A couple of big themes that come out of this," Iowa Business Council Executive Director Georgia Van Gundy said Monday as she released the findings of the yearly report, " shocker to any of you. But one of them is workforce and the other is population and diversity for our state."

See the full report here.

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