Fire Departments Ask Public to Clear Snow from Fire Hydrants

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CLIVE, Iowa  --  As it gets colder outside, people crank up the heat in their homes using space heaters or fireplaces. Fire departments across the metro say, homes are more at risk of fires in the winter.

Often times when we get this much snow, the plows will bury fire hydrants or at least partially cover them with snow.  But, fire departments in the metro say it is your responsibility to make sure they are uncovered!

Firefighters make sure to use every second they have to put out fires quickly. They lay their shoes and gear out, they leave the fire truck doors open, just so they don’t waste any time!

So, whether the hydrant is in your front yard, on your street, or in front of your business, make sure it is uncovered because if not it could be detrimental in the case of a fire.

“Seconds count, when it’s this cold outside and it’s this much snow that we’ve got in the last couple weeks snow can build up awfully quick, when we have snow plows driving by, snow blowers, anything like that can cover a fire hydrant really quick, if we have to search for a fire hydrant that can slow down our response time greatly. Let alone searching for one and digging one out,” Clive Fire Department Fire Marshall Clay Garcia said.

The Clive Fire Department asks you to clear five feet around the hydrant, so they are able to quickly see it and have enough room to attach their hoses. It’s different for each city, Johnston only asks for about three feet. If you are unable to clear a fire hydrant near you, the fire departments will come clear it for you by request.

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