Blank Park Zoo Endangered Black Rhino Ayana Expecting Again

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The Blank Park Zoo has been keeping a big secret about on of its biggest residents ... but zookeepers can't keep it quiet anymore.

Ayana, the female black rhino, is pregnant again and due in just a few weeks.  The zoo estimates the calf's due date is February 25th.

The black rhino is a critically endangered mammal, hunted nearly to extinction for its ivory horns.  There are only a few hundred of them left living in the wild and a few hundred more at zoos across the globe.

This is Ayana's second calf.  She and male rhino Kiano welcomed a baby girl, Tumani, in 2016.  She will likely have to move on to another zoo to make room for the new calf.

The zoo says it plans to hold another contest to choose a name for the new calf.

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