Historic Humboldt Theater Giving Away Seats This Weekend

HUMBOLDT, Iowa -- The Humota Theater is giving away seats this weekend in Humboldt. The historic theater has been gifted some new and slightly used modern seats.

The old ones must go. Any not claimed this weekend will be taken by a salvage company. Most of the seats are already unbolted.

The theater has been in Humboldt for over 90 years and was run by the Fridley Company, until the end of January.

“They were going to shut it down in September, Fridley Theaters were. They asked if anybody from the town or the city themselves would come step up and take over the theater, said Chad Theesfeld, president of the Humota Theater Board. “It's the community that’s going to own this. It’s not any individual, so we are taking donations just for that reason just to keep it up and running. The major problem so far has just been all the hurdles involved with contracts, paper work and getting insurance.

The Humota is closed now during the transition, but the board hopes to reopen the single-screen movie house within this month.

“They sold us equipment for $35,000. We’re going to get a large donation of the building itself once our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is OK’d through the IRS,” said Theesfeld.

Seats will be given away Saturday 10 a.m. to noon, and Sunday noon to 3 p.m.

The group is working to get contracts with movie distributors, so films can once again light up the screen.

For more information about this effort, check the Humota Theater Facebook page.

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