Wells Fargo Says All Systems Are Restored For Banking Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, California  —  Wells Fargo says services have now all been restored to customers, some of whom have been unable to use their bank accounts since Thursday morning.

The company says one of its data centers inadvertently powered down on Thursday morning when a maintenance crew triggered smoke sensors.  That power down caused data to automatically be re-routed to other servers, causing a “crash”.  Customers were unable to use debit cards, ATMs or access their accounts online.

Wells Fargo says all of those systems are now restored to normal.

There were reports early Friday that customers were not receiving their direct deposited paychecks.  The company says those transactions all processed as they were supposed to but may not have been visible to customers to the ongoing issues caused by the data farm power down.

Wells Fargo branches are all staying open one hour later than normal on Friday, February 8th and Saturday, February 9th to answer questions from customers.


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