Mailboxes Breaking Due to Amount of Snow and Snow Plows

URBANDALE, Iowa -- All of this snow is taking its toll on neighborhood mailboxes.

Mail carriers are trekking through some of the thickest of snow, and those in mail trucks are having trouble reaching the mailboxes.

The City of Urbandale says these are not the only problems. Snow is starting to pile up to the top of mailboxes, which puts a lot of pressure and weight on the posts, causing them to snap.

“It's not uncommon. [When] we have a good snow storm we might replace or repair a half a dozen mail boxes,” Tim Stovie, assistant director for Urbandale Public Works said. “We have seen quite a bit more this year just because there is so much snow packed around them that the plow hits the snow and moves the mailbox and break them. So we may have doubled that per snow storm, recently.”

The City of Ankeny agrees. With over 26,000 households and 550 lane miles of residential streets, they have only hit four mailboxes with snow plows so far this season. They say it is hard to see where the edge of the road is when there is this much snow. They also say there are far more mailboxes breaking just because there is so much snow built up around them.

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