Viral Video Shows ‘Dementia Can Be Beautiful’

SANFORD, Maine -- January 27th, 2019 started off as just another day in the life of MJ Grant and her mother Carmen. They were spending some quality mom and daughter time together when MJ realized that something was a little off with her mom, who battles dementia.

"When we were sitting there we were having a conversation and I could tell during the conversation, she did not realize who I was. That's when I asked her, 'where's MJ?' And that's where I realized she had no idea I was her daughter," Grant recalls.

As the video goes on, the two communicate back and forth and a few minutes in, her mom realizes that MJ is her daughter. That magical moment of recognition was so special, MJ decided to share it on social media.

"I knew in some way I would have some level of support from people who might understand what it's like to have a parent with dementia, but not just that, but a parent who is deaf," she says.

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