Boston Terrier Found Filthy And Under Weight

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A young dog is recovering  at the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines and her former owner could face criminal charges.

"When she came in, like I said she was emaciated, and just simply rehydrating her, giving her food, and water, her weight has increased by 2 and a half pounds," Dr. Kate Trevino, staff veterinarian Animal Rescue League said.

Bella, a one-year-old Boston terrier, was brought to the ARL after being found abandoned, emaciated and covered in the filth.  Thursday, the ARL said the treatment plan started with getting her warm using microwaveable socks and getting her stomach full again.  In just a few days of care Bella's weight has increased 25%.

Bella's former owner is under investigation and criminal charges are possible.

The ARL will continue to care for the dog until the police investigation is over.


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