Movie Filming in Iowa on the Last Year of Girls Six-on-Six Basketball

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NEW PROVIENCE, Iowa -- The last season of girls six-on-six basketball will be the focus of a new movie being shot in Iowa.

The last season took place 26 years ago in 1993. During that year, a California businessman moved to New Providence to run a business in the old high school. Now, he is back, producing “New Providence” the movie.

“Unfortunately, I moved here in June when the season was already over. I just found out about six on six. I’m a basketball guy. I love history and I just learn as much as I could about it,” said Jack Smith, the producer of “New Providence.”

“I went to move home to California in 1996. I keep thinking it’s got to be a book or a movie in here somewhere," Smith said.

Now after several tries to get the project off the ground, filming has begun. Crews were focused on exteriors with big snow drifts around the Roundhouse in New Providence.

Filming will resume in April when they will shoot live six-on-six basketball scenes in the Roundhouse.

“Post-high school college-age players [will] play some of the roles in the game scenes as well as coaches,” said Smith. "Some of the legendary players that played six on six, we would like to have them involved, in cameo roles.”

For more information on the "New Providence" film, check their Facebook page here.

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