WOMEN TO WATCH: DSM Company Empowering Women to Lose the Guilt, Embrace Self-Care

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Ciara Ladroma wakes up with a sense of purpose. It's something she struggled to find for the last eighteen months. Now, things have changed. Earlier this month she and her friend, Kari Tietjen, launched a business to help empower women to find their greater purpose by being hyper-intentional with their time.

"So often times we are told the more often you say 'yes' to things, the more we spread ourselves thin. We're told that is the definition of success. It's time as women and as people in general we redefine what success means for ourselves," says Ladroma, co-founder of Inner Circle Co.

Ladroma says years of saying 'yes' to please others, led to feeling burned out. She wanted a change. She wanted to be more intentional with her time and energy. Ladroma and Tietjen teamed up to create Inner Circle Co., a company that encourages women to choose themselves over societal pressure and commitments.

"I get to live a life that I truly design and when I feel any sort of negative feeling or realize this is not really where I want to spend my time. I say no. I'm not saying no to an opportunity. I'm saying yes to myself," she says.

Inner Circle Co.'s purpose is to become a movement for female empowerment. Though graphic t-shirts the duo hopes the message serves as a visual reminder to women that it's okay to take time for themselves. Something women often-times feel guilty of.

"Having the mindset of knowing it's always the best time to be kind, including to yourself. So when people wear this products they are inspiring others but remembering why they even bought the product in the first place," Ladroma says. She says in order to take care of yourself you have to look who and what is in and around your circle while learning to feel comfortable saying 'no' even to the little things. She stresses, a better you begins by saying 'yes' to the things you believe in.

"I've also started every day this year with writing down my intentions. Not a to-do list because a to-do list is something you feel maybe you don`t want to do it but you have to do it," she says. "It's time to start that legacy of caring for yourself."

A portion of each sale will go towards a number of charities selected by Inner Circle Co. The company says giving back to the community is an important piece to empowering others.


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