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WOMAN TO WATCH: Tauscheck Stresses Importance of Striking a Balance Between Work and Home

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Ever wonder how Des Moines always finds itself on the nation's top ten best lists? Or manages to attract major events like the NCAA tournament and festivals? The Greater Des Moines Partnership is a driving force.

Tiffany Tauscheck is its Chief Strategy Officer. She's helping to put Des Moines on the map at an organization where women make up less than half of the executive leadership.

"It is incredibly important to have women at the table who are actively involved in driving change and impacting change for our future," she says.

Tauscheck, who's worked at The Partnership for close to four years, credits her success to the support of mentors both male and female. Her title makes her job extremely demanding. During the day she spends her time in meetings and at night she finds herself helping to represent Des Moines at various events. The long hours have helped her put life into perspective.

"What`s been really helpful to me is remembering that kindness matters and that we all have our challenges and struggles and while someone may look like they have the perfect life , the career, the perfect family...we all go through challenges in life."
Admittedly, she says the biggest challenge is finding balance and creating boundaries between work and home.  "Having sort of that honest and open relationship with your colleagues, your team members, mentors but also your loved ones is really helpful."
Tauscheck adds it's just as important for busy moms to lean on their support system when feeling overwhelmed. "Never be afraid to ask for help. It's really helpful to be able to own that I don`t know  everything."
Of all her awards and accomplishments, her greatest one is being a mother. She reminds women, especially working mothers, to handle their busy lives, their situations and themselves with grace.
"What I try to remind myself which is something mom taught me early on,  is that every day is a new beginning. Even if it may be a rough day and you may be feeling a little guilty for  being away from home for a little too long,  tomorrow is a new day and I can reset and start over."
Tauscheck also stresses the importance of women lifting up one another, not only in the work place but in motherhood too. She feels not enough women are cheering each other on when they succeed.
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