Gov. Reynolds Gets First-Hand Look at Record Western Iowa Flood

GLENWOOD, Iowa -- Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds continued her tour of flooded western Iowa, which is seeing waters higher than the flooding in 2011.

Reynolds visited the Pacific Junction -- Interstate 29 interchange, which has several feet of water over the road. Waters rose late Sunday night, causing the evacuation of the town of Pacific Junction.

“We all waited to the last minute, but they had everything out they wanted out, and they were prepared,” said Andy Young, mayor of Pacific Junction.

Reynolds heard from a variety of local officials regarding the prior notice people had been given to the massive water covering the western half of Mills County.

“The thing that really is sad, that if somebody knew this higher up and did not want to tell us,” said Carol Vinton of the Mills County Board of Supervisors. “We could have had two weeks of the farmers getting bushels, millions and millions of bushels of grain out. They could have found another storage.”

"We’re in it for the long haul, and this is going to be a long haul and we know that," said Reynolds.

The high water even impacted Amtrak.

“Yesterday they had an Amtrak redirected from the north. They had to stop and back all the way back to Council Bluffs,” said Larry Hurst, emergency management coordinator for Mills County.

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