Insiders March 31, 2019: Doug Gross and J.D. Scholten Discuss Rural Iowa, A Push to Make Washington D.C. a State

DES MOINES, Iowa — Nearly two-thirds of Iowa’s counties have been declared disaster areas because of the flooding. It is one additional, major challenge for rural Iowa. Insiders brings on two men who are very familiar with rural Iowa.

Doug Gross was the Republican’s 2002 nominee for governor and a longtime strategist for state and national political campaigns. J.D. Scholten was the Democrat’s 2018 nominee in the 4th congressional district and has become an advocate for rural Iowa. They discuss problems facing rural communities in Iowa.

One of the things Democrats did after they took back the U.S. House of Representatives was back the effort to make Washington D.C a state. However, Republicans still control the Senate and have been resistant to changing the territory's setup. One of the national leaders of the push joins Insiders.

A new poll shows where politics and government rank among what people in the Des Moines metro care most about.

A moment of tradition at the Iowa statehouse where colleagues recognize the service of those who came before them also included a powerful moment for a well-known man in that building who's been overcoming a lot.

Gross and Scholten answer questions on the Quick Six.

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