Car on Thin Ice Raising Money for Local Projects

ARNOLDS PARK, Iowa -- The warmer spring weather is something people are willing to put money on at the Iowa Great Lakes. For many years, civic clubs have placed a car on the ice and sell chances on the time the car breaks through the melting ice.

“The tickets are $10. Each ticket has the minutes on it, good for AM or PM“ said Peggy Gustafson. “There’s 720 tickets to be sold, and we have sold all of our tickets this year.”

The event is part of a fundraiser for the Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club. Proceeds go to improve playground equipment at Elinor Bedell State Park, and also to help fund a youth exchange program.

“We have a very sophisticated $2.95 electric clock in there. It’s battery operated,” said Leo Kofoot of the Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club. “When the clock is submerged in water, it quits, then we pull it out, check the time, and verify it’s the correct time.”

If you would like to view a live video stream watching the car on the ice, click here.

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