After Not Guilty Verdict, Jason Carter Seeks Relief from Civil Wrongful Death Judgement

Jason Carter (WHO-HD)

MARION COUNTY, Iowa — Lawyers for a man found not guilty of killing his mother are asking for a civil judgment to be overturned.

A jury found Jason Carter not guilty of Shirley Carter’s 2015 murder in a criminal trial last month, but a civil judgement still stands that found him responsible for her death.

That civil judgement had been filed by his father, Bill, and went to court in 2017. Jason was ordered to pay over $10 million to Shirley’s estate.

Two days after the civil trial, he was criminally charged.

Jason Carter’s attorneys had requested a new civil trial before the murder trial and were denied, but five days after the not guilty verdict they filed a motion for the court to take judicial notice of record and testimony from the criminal case.

In Iowa, the court can only take judicial notice if the plaintiffs agree. The judge in the case has given Bill Carter until April 8 to respond to the judicial notice motion.

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