Shawn Johnson East Announces Pregnancy, Talks 2018 Miscarriage

Andrew East and Shawn Johnson East share news of pregnancy.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — West Des Moines-native Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson East and her husband Andrew East are expecting their first child.

The pair unveiled the news on social media Thursday morning, sharing a video about how they found out Shawn was pregnant on February 17th.

After noticing some signs that she might be pregnant, Shawn took three pregnancy tests that all came back negative. A fourth test had Shawn puzzled at the results and finally at the house of some friends, who happen to be doctors, she got the definitive results.

“So I take the First Response test and within 10 seconds it’s like blatantly pregnant. I am in shock. I’m literally like my whole body’s like convulsing I’m just so nervous and just in shock. I can’t hide my face, I can’t go out there. Like we had just started the night. We were gonna play board games and eat pizza. I can’t act like a normal human being around my husband. I just decided I’ll just tell the group or I’ll tell him in front of the group,” said Shawn.

The sweet moment was caught on video as Shawn shared the exciting news with Andrew.

The couple also spoke about their experiences dealing with a miscarriage in October of 2018 and how that has affected them.

Shawn says she’s guarding her heart a bit, as most do after a painful experience, but she’s hopeful about the pregnancy and excited about what is to come.

Shawn Johnson won a gold medal on balance beam in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She trained with coach Liang Chow at Chow’s Gymnastics in West Des Moines.

Congratulations, Shawn and Andrew!

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