Second Eaglet Hatches in Decorah Eagles’ Nest

Eaglet D33 has hatched in Decorah Eagles' nest. (Courtesy: Raptor Resource Project)

DECORAH, Iowa – The Decorah Eagles are taking care of another eaglet!

The Raptor Resource Project announced Sunday night the second egg in the nest has hatched. The RRP’s cameras got a look at the new eaglet, known as D33, at 7:19 p.m.

D33 joins sibling D32, who hatched on Thursday. A third egg that was laid in the nest broke back in March.

These are likely the first offspring for the new male in the nest, DM2. He became Mom Decorah’s mate in October of 2018 after her original mate, Dad Decorah, disappeared in April of 2018. Mom Decorah raised the pair’s three eaglets by herself and all fledged successfully.

The RRP also excitedly announced that DM2 was spotted feeding D32 for the first time Sunday morning. Up until then, Mom Decorah had handled all the feedings. The RRP had even written a blog post prior to that explaining to those who were concerned about the male not doing any feedings. They said that isn’t uncommon in a brand-new parent – especially when Mom Decorah is so experienced. In the post, the RRP wanted to make sure people knew DM2 wasn’t a deadbeat dad and he’d been bringing in food to the nest for Mom Decorah and the eaglets to nosh on.

Now that DM2 has the hang of it – eagle watchers can relax and enjoy the show!

You can watch the Decorah Eagles’ Nest Cam live here and view a video of D33’s hatch below.

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