Western Iowa Flooded Road Rebuild Could Top $90 Million

Data pix.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa- Rebuilding the Interstates and state highways damaged in Iowa could cost around $70-90 million dollars, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The DOT directors from Nebraska and Iowa held a joint news conference to update the public on road status, and planned construction.

“Events like this require an enormous amount of coordination we certainly is DOT’s don’t work independently or in a vacuum,” said Mark Lowe, Director of the Iowa Department of Transportation.

“I think that’s one of the reasons were here today in our teams are meeting today and so frequently citizens don’t care what side of the river there on they need the system to work seamlessly,” said Kyle Schenweis, Director of the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

Lowe told of work done to reopen I-680 west of I-29. He said there is a stretch of I-29 north of Council Bluffs where the road is still closed, due to a box culvert being washed away.

“Down to the southern segments that have more damage, a look at US 34, indicates we got significant pavement damage,” said Lowe. “The next segment is Iowa 2, this is an area where we still have roadways that remain underwater, has been going down or getting closer, I think the good news here is we’ve done a high-level assessment of the damages and we think the damages are minor.”

Lowe said that funds used for emergency road repairs will not impact other Iowa DOT road projects. Those funds come from a special disaster fund.

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