Severe Weather Including Hail and Strong Winds Possible Wednesday

Today is Iowa’s first risk for severe weather of the season, and while it’s always good to be prepared, you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Morning showers and thunderstorms will be limited to the area along the warm front in far northern Iowa. There has been some clearing over parts of central and southern Iowa, but there are still quite a few clouds that may prevent more strong to severe storms from forming.

The cold front is  dragging back behind into Nebraska and will continue to push east throughout the day. It enters into western Iowa just after noon and will push into central Iowa by the mid to late afternoon (3-5pm). This is when storms will begin to push into central Iowa.

Although the tornado threat is low, there will be a higher chance of large hail and severe wind (gusts 60mph+). These storms look to be oriented along I-35 between 4 and 6 PM, moving into eastern Iowa by sunset. Because we will lose the peak heating of the day by sunset, the storms will weaken as they pass into central Iowa.

For those that may be traveling, another storms system will affect parts of the south tonight. Strong storms will be more numerous across Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas, but not until the late evening/early overnight hours. The tornado, hail, and wind threats will be highest from southern KS to central TX.

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