Assistant Fire Chief Charged With Arson

OXFORD, Iowa-- A Johnson County first responder is charged with arson following a string of field fires in the Oxford area.

A nearly a month-long arson investigation led deputies to Oxford's Assistant Fire Chief.

“This is Oxford, everyone knows everyone here and we are all very close," resident Kaitlyn Buege said.

The Sheriff's office says someone hired to protect the community wasn't doing his job. Oxford Assistant Fire Chief Timothy Hora is charged with five counts of arson and public intoxication. Over the past month, officials say Hora started seven field fires in the Oxford area.

Rain has washed away evidence of the fires he's accused of starting on April 13th. David Lacina could see the flames from his business.

“A little nervous," Lacina said. “My daughter was coming home, and she asked what was going on because there were six cop cars up here and a truck pulled over."

Deputies saw Hora stamping out those flames. Then a week later, deputies tracked his truck using GPS and the location data put him at the scene of two other fires.

None of the fires resulted in injuries or property damage.

We reached out to Oxford Fire Chief Hennes. He had no comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

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