Buffalo Residents Say Trains are Hurting Sandbagging Efforts

BUFFALO, Iowa -- Buffalo residents intensified their sandbagging efforts after some failed on Thursday.

Buffalo does not have HESCO barriers, so residents are relying on the sandbags to save their homes and businesses. But that's not their only concern. Residents say trains blow through the downtown area every day and are making their efforts go to waste.

“It`s been a nightmare, actually. [The trains] create a wake which comes against our bags. The vibration from the trains creates your sandbags to settle which makes your wall grow shorter and you end up losing it. I think that`s what has happened before with our bags,” said Olin Meador, former Buffalo councilman.

Canadian Pacific Railway says they are working on a resolution to the situation right now but could not say whether or not trains will stop going through town.

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