Sci-fi and Fantasy Fans Flocked to Des Moines for 30th Annual DemiCon

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Sunday was the last day to celebrate all things sci-fi and fantasy at the 30th annual DemiCon.

This weekend, the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society held its annual sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention.

The event featured costume contests, workshops and panels with authors and artists. The theme for this year's event was "It’s About Time." Organizers celebrated the event's history throughout the weekend, even featuring a "Flashback Friday" costume contest.

DemiCon organizers say they love holding this event that brings people together for a variety of reasons.

“Either they have a certain passion they like, and they find people that they connect to like anime or they like music and we have live music. We have people that love reading and it's a way to connect with reading, so I think it’s more of connecting with individuals and finding a place that you belong,” said Amanda Arthur-Struss, president of the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society, Inc.

Organizers plan to hold next year's convention the first weekend of May, and the theme will be "Legion of DemiCon.”

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