Buffalo, Iowa Business Forging Ahead After Flood Waters Recede

Data pix.

BUFFALO, Iowa -- Water has gone down quite a bit since Saturday in the southeast Iowa town of Buffalo.

Last week a record flood crest passed nearby upstream at the Quad Cities, and in Buffalo the water was higher than anyone had seen.

On Monday, Judy Banblaracom was working to reopen her business, Judy’s Barge Inn. She has owned the business for three years and had not experienced this type of flood. The waters almost went high enough to get inside her building.

“No damage inside, none at all. We lost food because we didn’t use it because everything here is homemade,” said Banblaracom. “So, we just have to start all over. We have people coming back tomorrow to prep the food and get it ready.”

The hope is that she can reopen on Thursday.

“I believe we have 19 employees out of a job right now, so we need to get rolling,” said Banblaracom, “I cried this morning, for the first time, just because it’s overwhelming.”

The owner of Judy’s remains committed to serving the public in Buffalo.

“You just get back on it, I’ll never leave. I love this town, and I love where I’m at, and people are awesome here,” said Banblaracom. “We just pull out bootstraps up and keep going.”

Judy’s Barge Inn had big plans for more business in 2019.

“We were actually hoping for a great year this year, and then the flood happened,” said Banblaracom.

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