Grimes Family Blames Polk County Animal Control for Dead Dog

GRIMES, Iowa — A Grimes family says they have lost their beloved pet and blame Polk County Animal Control workers for the accidental death.

Polk County Animal Control says they followed city ordinance when they quarantined the small dog for ten days. But less than a week into the quarantine, the family learned their dog was never coming back.

About a week ago, 11-year-old Duke, a pug mix, nipped Aleigha Gafford’s neighbor’s finger.

Unable to give updated vaccine records for Duke, the Polk County Animal Control had to take him to quarantine. During transport, Duke escaped, and days later his body was found on the side of the road.

“As far as if protocol was followed or not, I won’t comment on that because they are looking into this obviously because the dog was not supposed to run away,” said Lt. Heath Osberg with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. “By being able to run away, I would assume that if they were in a sally port, the door was not closed.”

Gafford says the Polk County Animal Control never contacted her.

“We would have found him right away. He would have come to me calling him,” Gafford said.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

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