Metro Organization Helps Veterans Find Loans to Finance Their First Homes

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A metro organization is working to get veterans easier access to home loan programs.

On Saturday, realtors helped veterans and active duty members find available loan programs to get them into their first home. The Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals hosted the event.

Leaders say some veterans don`t know they are entitled to certain benefits based on their time served and disability after returning from combat. That included low interest rates and property tax relief.

Kelsey Russell, the vice president of the organization, isn`t a veteran herself, but she knows the importance of those benefits.

“We just want everyone in the real estate profession, whether you`re a loan officer, or an agent, or a realtor, I think it`s important for us to be informed on the benefits that we can give back to veterans because they do so much and sacrifice so much for us,” said Russell.

The association is also going to make a trip to Washington, D.C. so they can lobby for a new law that requires loan officers to ask if a person is a veteran on all loan applications.

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