Hotel Maytag Set For Grand Opening Wednesday

NEWTON, Iowa -- A five-year, $12 million renovation project of the Hotel Maytag on the town square of Newton is about to be unveiled.

“There's a lot of people who come up and tell us different stories, like what they remember about the hotel. We've had several people that have come up and tell us they were married here 51 years ago; they are excited to see the ballroom all redone. We've had people who had offices here and people who lived here, so it's kind of neat to see everyone come together and want to see the end product,” Alida Anderson, Hotel Maytag manager said.

The 93-year-old building and former hotel was once owned by F.L. Maytag, but years of neglect took its toll, so the city stepped in.

Now the biggest building on the town square is going to be Newton's biggest attraction. The main ballroom, which will likely be used for weddings and other events, is nearly restored to its former glory. It features the original sky light and hand painted gold molding.

The Hotel Maytag is also home to 45 apartments. About half of them are finished and some tenants who have already moved in can't wait for the whole building to be finished.

“I just enjoy the atmosphere. I just enjoy how they try to keep the originality. I love the big windows and the window sills. I just can’t explain it. The the atmosphere of the old historic building,” Sue Iverson said.

The movie theater that opened up last November was a part of the project. The grand opening is Wednesday.

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