Iowa Speedway President Hopeful NASCAR Cup Series Comes to Newton Soon

NEWTON, Iowa -- It may just be a hunch or a feeling, but Iowa Speedway President David Hyatt says there is no better chance than now to land NASCAR's cream of the crop, a Cup Series race.

Newton's 7/8 mile track was purchased by NASCAR in 2013, but the track hasn't been a part of the coveted Cup Series yet, mainly because of a sanctioning agreement with current Cup Series tracks.

That agreement ends next year, meaning the 2021 season could be making a stop in Iowa.

Hyatt says the main advantage for the Iowa Speedway is its short track, something that's completely different than what the Cup Series features now.

“Well I think short track racing brings racing back to its roots for starters,” David Hyatt said. “People grow up racing on short tracks if they are racers, and if they are fans, they grew up attending in short tracks, so you see a lot stronger competition. It's not always about the speed, it's about the racing; it's about the competition between each other. It's about the bumping and banging and not having to rely on aerodynamics fully or horsepower only. It's a combination of driver skill and the kind of car that you've got and fans notice that and they want to see more of that.”

Hyatt said talks regarding the 2021 season haven’t begun yet. He said the biggest thing the Iowa Speedway can do at this point is prove they can host something like this. He says the infrastructure can handle that kind of race and crowd turnout, besides a few minor tweaks they are ready to make. He hopes these next few seasons will prove the Iowa fanbase is strong.

The 2019 season begins on Father’s Day weekend.

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