Des Moines City Council Considering Stricter Regulations to Gun Accessories

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Virginia Beach mass shooting that left 12 dead has prompted Des Moines leaders to take steps to prevent gun violence.

“It’s easy to complain and sit back about what they're not doing in D.C. or what they're not doing somewhere else, but it’s a little hollow when we aren't doing what we can do locally,” said Des Moines City Council member Chris Coleman.

What they can do is restrict firearm accessories. The city council has submitted a pair of new ordinances for legal review before the council takes action.

The first would ban the possession of "trigger activators." Those are similar to bump stocks that allow for a higher rate of fire. The second would ban high-capacity magazines within city limits. High capacity is typically defined as a magazine that holds more than ten bullets.

City Council member Josh Mandelbaum says the people who already have these devices probably intend to use them to kill people.

“The only reason someone has something like a high-capacity clip or a trigger activator, most common of which would be a bump stock, is to do as much damage to as many people as quickly as possible. There is no reason for people to have high-capacity magazines or bump stocks,” said Mandelbaum.

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