Olmsted Elementary Celebrates Final Day of School Before Demolition this Summer

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URBANDALE, Iowa – Olmsted Elementary students are walking the halls one last time before the school is demolished this summer.

The Urbandale elementary school is part of a $59 million bond referendum that was passed in 2018.

Urbandale Schools Superintendent Steve Bass said the school was built in 1952. “It’s had about four or five different additions over that time, so it definitely has served its purpose and served us well.”

Demolition is set to begin in July. The single-level building will be replaced with two floors, open layouts and lots of space for learning.

“Teaching and learning has changed over the last 67 years. There will be more space for various learning whether it is one on one, small group or large group,” Bass said.

Once complete, it will be able to hold up to 650 students.

Olmsted Principal Elyse Brimeyer said during the school year there have been various legacy events for alumni and current students.

“We have filled this entire school year with different projects for the kids and staff to make this the best year ever,” Brimeyer said.

Brimeyer said the students have been leaving their mark all over the building on the walls with various art projects.

“It will say like 'you are incredible, Olmsted is amazing.' The students are writing the years that they have attended the school,” Brimeyer said.

Bass said while the school is under construction, students and staff will be divided up. “Roughly half the students and half the staff will go to Karen Acres and half the students half the staff will go to Jensen Elementary.”

The new elementary school on Olmsted's property will be filled with students from both Jensen and Olmsted Elementary. Jensen will then close.

There is no name for the new elementary school at this time. That decision will be finalized within the next two years.

Olmsted is projected to open the fall of 2021. In addition, Urbandale High School is seeing renovations this summer to its concession stand, lobby, and fitness center. That is projected to be completed in January 2020.

Valerious Elementary will begin its demolition in the summer of 2023.

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