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Judge Rules Jason Carter Must Still Pay $10M in Mother’s Wrongful Death Case

Jason Carter (WHO-HD)

MARION COUNTY, Iowa — Jason Carter is still on the hook for a $10 million civil judgment for wrongful death even though a jury found him not guilty of murdering his mother in a criminal trial.

Shirley Carter was shot and killed in her Lacona home back in 2015.

Desperately seeking justice for his wife’s murder, Bill Carter filed the wrongful death lawsuit against his son Jason and he was found liable.

Jason Carter asked the court to change the civil judgment or grant him a new trial citing the criminal verdict and other evidence related issues.

Judge Martha Mertz ruled, “This situation is a good example of dissimilar trial results when there is a different burden of proof.”

The judge said the fact that Jason was found not guilty in the criminal case does not negate the validity of the jury’s verdict in the civil case.

Mertz goes on to say the jury in the criminal case did not conclude Jason was innocent, but rather the state didn’t have sufficient evidence to convince 12 people of Jason’s guilt.

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