Protesters Arrested Outside Republican Fundraiser Attended by Trump

Those arrested are from a group called "Bold Iowa" that is protesting the denial of climate change.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowans both for and against President Donald Trump expressed their support and disapproval outside events on Tuesday.

Overall, the demonstrations were mostly peaceful, but a handful of people ended up getting arrested.

Those arrested are from a group called “Bold Iowa” that is protesting the denial of climate change. West Des Moines police say the group marched onto private property at Hy-Vee’s corporate offices. Officers asked them to leave and the five that didn’t were taken into custody.

“They were all wearing diapers and had whole black outfits. Their banner said, ‘This climate change should scare the sh** out of you, because it does me,’” said Mary Lovell, who supported the protesters.

Ed Fallon, the director of Bold Iowa, explained the group’s mission.

“None of us want to go to jail,” said Fallon. “But given the severity of what scientists are telling us about the climate crisis, we feel it’s important to try to stop this fundraising event from happening. The funds raised at this event will be used to support further efforts to deny the global consensus of the scientific community on climate change, and they will also support the policies of this administration and of Iowa Republican elected officials.”

The suspects have not been identified. Police say they will likely be charged with trespassing and released.

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