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Iowa Woman Making History By Creating Better Golfers of All Ages

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It 's a world away from the men’s U.S. Open at Pebble Beach this weekend but one Iowa woman is separating herself from her peers through her work behind the scenes as a coach.  When people improve, their love of the game grows," said, Sarah Bidney, director of golf instruction at Wakonda Club in Des Moines.  Earlier in the year, she was named one of Golf Digest’s Top Teachers in America Under the Age of Forty.  "It’s nice to know that they saw what I’m doing here is important and stacked up against others around the country.  I was pretty humbled and it’s a great honor," Bidney said.

Justin Cody trains under Bidney who is a graduate of Johnston High School and Simpson College, and says the award came as no surprise.  "There are a lot of coaches that can teach fundamentals. It can also feel like a grind and very frustrating and you never get that with Sarah. It’s always a smile on her face a pep in her step," said Cody.

Sarah works with some of the most experienced golfers using advanced technology to give their game a leg up on the competition.  "She videos all of our swings so we don’t have to just remember.  We can come back and look at it and work on our game," Cody said.

Overall, it may be her work with those brand new to the game that will take golf into the future.  Bidney said, "I've created the Wakonda Jr Golf Academy and it has programs for 3 year olds up to graduation seniors and there’s a nice pathway of development for kids."  Cody agreed saying, "The fun that I see the juniors having is probably the most important aspect of what Sarah has brought."

Golf Digest has been awarded the games top young teachers since 2008.  They told Sarah she’s the first Iowan, male or female, to crack the list.  "Very humbling and proud and happy to call Wakonda Club my home and Iowa my home and doing what i’m doing here," said Bidney.

Anyone interested in receiving coaching from Sarah can email her:


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